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SureCan Replacement Spout Assembly (RP004)

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  • SureCan Replacement Spout Assembly (RP004)

    SureCan's Replacement Spout fits on any size can 2.2 Gallon or 5 Gallon. It is easy to replace and install, see instructions below. Please follow the instructions below on how to properly replace your Spout Assembly

    1. Pry locking pin up w/ small screwdriver (Careful not to damage the can wall).

    2. Loosen the nut.

    3. Grab spout elbow, twist, and pull assembly away from the body of the can.

    4. Lubricate O-rings on the new assembly.

    5. Insert the end of the spout assembly into the valve opening. (NOTE: Press strait into the valve opening until fully seated)

    6. Hand Tighten nut and then wrench tighten until the pin reaches the 1 O'clock position, (careful not to over tighten or cross threads.)

    7. Press locking pin down.