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Hand & Landscape Tools

Axes Loppers & Shears Pitch Forks

Axes & Picks by Truper

Loppers & Shears from brands like Truper, Felco, Fred Marvin and more!

Ash & fiberglass handled pitch forks by Truper

Pruners/Saws/Poles Pry Bars Rakes

Pruners, folding saws, hand saws, fiberglass poles, & wood poles

Pry bars by Truper

Rakes by Truper & Foxy Mfg.

Scoops Shovels Sledge Hammers / Wedges

Scoops from Truper

Long handle round point shovels, Long handle square point shovels, & D-handle shovels

Sledge hammers by Truper


Fiberglass & wood handle spades by Truper

You know your yard and projects need the best tools to see the best results. This is why our carefully selected assortment of hand tools and landscaping tools are only top quality. Whether you need hand tools for woodworking, gardening, or weeding, we have everything you need in one place. Our woodworking tools includes hammers, sledges, pry bars and more. Our gardening tools include spade shovels, rakes, loppers, pole saws, pruners, pitchforks and more.