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Bluebird CH400H Chipper 4" Honda 389cc Engine


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  • Bluebird CH400H Chipper 4" Honda 389cc Engine

    Chipper uses a cutting mechanism to chop branches into mulch or chips. It can be used to dispose branches around the lawn or job site for cleanup after regular maintenance, storms, shrub or tree trimming, etc. the resulting mulch can be used for other projects around the yard.


    • Easy Transport - Optimal balance for easy transport by use of integrated handles on infeed chute
    • Maneuverability - Lightweight for easy maneuvering and transportation
    • Log Feeding - Standard log pushing device to aid in safe log feeding
    • Engine Safety Switches - Engine cutoff safety switches on both infeed and discharge chutes
    • Emergency Stop - Emergency Stop on Infeed chute
    • Lift Handles - Four ergonomically located lift handles for easy loading and unloading
    • Cleaning and Serviceability - Hinged infeed and discharge chutes for easy cleaning and serviceability - Tie Down - Integrated Tie Down Locations