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Arctic Sectional LD-10.5 Sno-Pusher Light Duty Snow Pusher 10.5 ft

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  • Arctic Sectional LD-10.5 Sno-Pusher Light Duty Snow Pusher 10.5 ft

    Pushers are compatible with several types of lighter-duty equipment including backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders, and tractors. The LD line is the mid-range line offering enhanced performance and size for those contractors looking to tackle some of the larger, more demanding snow removal jobs. The breadth of the LD line makes it the ideal match for a diversifying construction or landscape contractor looking for profitable way to utilize inactive equipment during the winter months.

    • PATENTED SECTIONAL MOLDBOARD DESIGN - Comprised of 30-inch independent sections on the LD
    • SPRING-LOADED TRIP EDGES - Each individual moldboard section independently trips over unseen obstacles beneath the snow.
    • PATENTED SLIP-HITCH™ UNIVERSAL COUPLER SYSTEM - With the patented floating Slip-Hitch™ design, just drop the pusher and go! It will automatically adjust and then continuously readjust to the pavement height, ensuring premium traction, reduced drag and optimum pushing power.
    • MECHANICAL SIDE PANELS - The patented design of the Sectional Sno-Pusher™ features mechanical side panels that lift up to 9 inches high to glide over and around obstacles, providing 75% higher clearance height than competitive models.
    • AR-400 STEEL CUTTING EDGES - Arctic's AR-400 hardened steel cutting edges scrape compacted snow and ice down to pavement, eliminating follow-up plowing and reducing your salt usage.
    • AR-400 HARDENED STEEL SHOES - Lay flat on the surface to prevent premature wear.
    • POLYURETHANE MOUNTING BLOCKS - Durable, specially-engineered polyurethane mounting blocks secure each moldboard section to the pusher's mainframe, absorbing impact to protect the pusher, carrier and operator. Three torsion springs fasten to the steel cutting edge of each independent section.

    NOTE: Coupler sold separately.