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Arborist Supplies

Ascenders & Hardware Chaps Hand Pruners
Ascenders & hardware by Petzl, DMM, US Rigging & more

Protective Chaps by Forester

Hand Pruners by Felco, Ames, STIHL, Growtech & more. Right and left handed hand pruners.
Helmets & PPE Lanyards Loppers

Helmets, eye protection, cut resistant gloves, & more.

Lanyards from All Gear, At-Height, & DMM

18 in., 22 in., 26 in. Loppers from Vaca & Stihl
Poles / Pole Saw Sets Prusiks Pulleys

Fiberglass & wood poles along with pole and pole saw sets by Fred Marvin & Dicke.

Split Tails, Eye & Eye Hitch cords from At-Height
Pullys by ISC, US Rigging, CMI (Colorado Mountain Industries), Petzl
Rigging Ropes Saws & Blades Slings

Rigging Slings, Rigging Block, Hardware, & Rigging Rope

Folding Saws, Hand Saws, & Replacement Blades for Arborist Saws
Loopie, spliced, & round slings by ABR & All Gear.
Spurs/Pads/Straps Carabiners & Snaps Climbing Ropes

Spurs, spikes, and spike accessories

Carabiners, snaps, swivels by DMM, PETZL, Forester, ISC, & Climb Right

Climbing rope by Samson, New England Ropes, All Gear, Inc., Yale Cordage


Harnesses & saddles by PETZL, Buckingham, Weaver, & Cougar (Weaver)

Arlington's Arborist Supplies includes everything an Arborist needs to get the job done. Whether you are looking for Carabiners, Ascenders, Harnesses, Loppers, Weights, or Rigging Rope, we have it all. With our selection of arbor equipment accesories you are bound to find the perfect addition to your arboriculture gear.

Looking to test out a harness or something else? Come on in and take advantage of our training and testing equipment located on the showroom floor. Testing your tree service supplies will ensure that you are getting exactly what you want for your tree care service. The experience of our staff and Arborist expert Norm Hall (Certified Arborist and Tree Worker #IL 1060AT, Climber since 1969) guarantee that we will match you with exactly what you need regardless of the situation.