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Tree Watering Systems

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TreeMate 20 Gallon Slow-Release Watering Bag
TreeMate 20 Gallon Slow-Release Watering Bag
Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $10.99
Savings: $2.00


TreeMate Select is a slow release watering bag designed to help you properly water your new trees over a period of several hours. This product helps you deliver water directly to the root system of your tree using a drip irrigation system that helps prevent run off and allows the tree to continue to feed off of the water long after the bag is empty.
OOZE TUBE Slow-Release 15-25 Gal Watering Bags
OOZE TUBE Slow-Release 15-25 Gallon Watering Bags
Price: $11.99

The Cheapest price online for Ooze Tube Tree Watering Tube - 25 Gallon from Ooze Tube. The Ooze Tube is an innovative and uniquely engineered watering system for establishing trees as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. You can control the drip time from a few days to a few weeks depending upon how many emitters are used. Promotes root development by slowly decreasing water output as the tube empties. Each kit includes ooze tube, 4 hardware stakes, 4 emitters and 1 nail. Twenty-Five gallon capacity. If you like this product, You might be also interested getting Treegator Junior Pro 15-Gallon Slow Release Watering Bag for Trees and Shrubs. Order Ooze Tube Tree Watering Tube - 25 Gallon now and enjoy your savings with our exclusive online discount prices!
Our tree watering systems from TreeMate & Ooze Tube are an ideal choice for anyone planting new trees or simply looking to recover your trees from a harsh/dry season. These tree irrigation systems vary in size, with larger 25 gallon sizes being thicker and stronger. With OOZE Tube's systems you can vary your drip rate to stretch out your watering or turn it up to accelerate watering and hydration of your trees.