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Measuring Devices

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Keson 25 Foot Tape Measure Empire 6271M 25 Ft. Tape Measure

Keep this top quality, durable measuring tape from Keson handy!

Empire Poly Level 24" & 48" Empire Aluminum Torpedo Level
Large acrylic vials, durable Polycast frame is virtually unbreakable under normal use, will not mar or scratch fine surfaces, convenient ruled edge. 300 Degree view level vial 24 and 36 have sleeved top read level vial for enhanced viewing and protection. Empire makes this professional grade torpedo level boasting with portability, efficiency and durability all in one package. The True Blue vial is accurate to within 0.005-Inch per-Inch in all 10 level and plumb working positions. Vial read plumb, level and 45 Degrees. V-grooved working edge fits on pipe or conduit.
Empire  Level 396 12-Inch POLYSQUARETM Rafter Square Empire Aluminum Level 24" & 48"
Solid, one-piece aluminum extrusion outperforms brittle die casts.
-Will not rust, bend or break.-Stamped conversion tables.
-Thick edge makes for a safer saw guide.
-Measuring System: Inch.
True Blue vials are accurate to within 0.00005in. per inch in all 10 level and plumb working positions. Super-strong anodized I-beam frame with shock-absorbing end plates. Solid block acrylic vials wont break, leak or fog. Top-read window. Limited lifetime warranty. U.S.A. Application: General, Length (in.): 24 or 48, Material: Anodized I-beam
Empire 3990 12-Inch Heavy-Duty Magnum Rafter Square Keson OTR18-100 100 Fiberglass Measuring Tape
Empire Level 12" Heavy Duty Magnum Rafter Square, solid aluminum extruded square will not bend or break like diecast models, and includes a helpful instruction manual

Designed to withstand more wear and tear than any other kind of measuring tape. Given the roughest treatment possible... trampled underfoot, beset by mud, dust or rock abrasion, Keson fiberglass tapes take on abuse with little or no deterioration to their tough PVC coating. Printed on one side in feet, inches, and 1/8ths.Open type reel. Length: 100 feet.

Keson PA35 Paint Marking Wheel Keson Metal Professional Measuring Wheel MP401
The Keson PA35 Paint Applicator Wheel is used to apply paint with precision as you walk - using just one hand.  The durable 4-inch wheel is made of metal and rolls smoothly to create straight or curved lines.  It has a trigger embedded in its handle that allows excellent control. This tool includes a paint can sleeve that fits any inverted U.S. style aerosol paint can.

We have personally measured using this measuring wheel. We can say that the product has a nice weight to it and feels like a quality product when you hold it. The welds look good, the counter works good, the entire product is built to last. We're proud to be selling this high-quality product. This Measuring Wheel measures in Feet. The Wheel is 15-1/2" Diameter, and 4 Foot Circumference. Simplicity and durability were two principles that guided our design of the Metal Professional Wheel. The result is a wheel that rolls easily over the most difficult terrain and can stand up to constant heavy use.

Keson RR318N 36" Outdoor/Long-Run Measure Wheel - 12 1/2 in diameter Keson RR30-RR40 Telescoping Handle Measuring Wheel

New wheel design! 5-digit, easy-read, magnified counter measures 9,999 ft. long, that's almost 2 miles!

There are inherent vulnerabilities in die cast and metal spoked wheels. Everyday use requires the tool to handle some rough treatment without dents and bending. Not all wheels are up to this. Our solution? Invent a new material. Introducing Kesonite, a strong, dense metal/resin composite. It holds its shape better than metal and it's stronger than a spoked or die cast wheel. The weight of the wheel makes it easier to use and more accurate in rough terrain. The RR30 & RR40 will measure in feet and inches.

Keson RRT12 3-Feet Top Reading Center Line Measuring Wheel Keson MP401E 4-Foot. Electronic Measuring Wheel
The RRT12 offers a counter reset on the handle and on the unit housing. No more beding over, lifing the wheel or stepping on it to reset it to zero. Additionally, the reset on the housing is reinforced to protect it when resetting the counter with your foot. The brake on the pistol grip stops counting instantly. Stop adding lengths accidently by putting the brake on exactly when you need it. The collapsing hinge snaps into extended lock with the flick of a wrist and it disconnects if you forget to press the unlock trigger. Center line handle design with counter balance of top of the wheel aligns for perfect balance. This makes measuring easier and more accurate. Compact fold down allows the wheel to easily reduce to 1/2 its size for storage and portability. The flip down kickstand keeps the wheel upright when you need your hands free to perform other tasks and stays out of the way as you measure. Gear and shaft transmisssion for highest measurement accuracy and strength. No belts to stretch or fail. Lock your handle in place when you're not using the wheel. Our clamp protects the extension hinge from breaking. The Keson Electronic Measuring Wheel is ideal for contractors, estimators, engineers, landscapers, paving contractors, fencing specialists, real estate professionals, utility personnel, surveyors, police work, facility engineers and telecommunications contractors. Swan-neck, ergonomic handle and thumb-up grip ensures less wrist strain and superior control. Rugged 3/4in. steel tubing makes Keson frames the strongest in the field, while the wheel rolls easily over the toughest terrain and withstands constant heavy use. Color: Yellow, Wheel Diameter (in.): 15 1/2, Case Included: No, Stand Included: Yes, Material: Steel frame, metal spoked wheel, Foldable or Retractable Height (in.): 21, Foldable or Retractable Handle: Foldable, Wheel Circumference (ft.): 4, Measures up to (ft.): 99,999, Overall Height (in.): 42