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Climbing Ropes

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Samson Rope Arbor Plex Rope 120/150 Feet All Gear Inc. Forestry Pro Rope 120/150 Feet
Samson Rope Arbor-Plex Rope 120/150 Feet
Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $70.00
Savings: $5.00
Samson Arbor-Plex Rope is a 12-strand braided rope that combines polyester and polyolefin fibers in a "DuraTite" construction. The DuraTite braiding process tightens the braid to keep the rope round and firm for knot control and to allow the strands to be snag resistant. The tough polyester jacket fibers surround the polyolefin center fibers to maximize resistance to wear and fiber fusing while creating a lightweight high-strength rope. The outer polyester fibers utilize Samson's Parallay fiber orientation that prolongs rope life by minimizing the sawing action of fibers over rough surface. Arbor-Plex 1/2" has a breaking strength of 6,000 lbs. Arbor-Plex cannot be spliced, but can be sewn into an eye. Forestry Pro 1/2" offers tremendous value to the working arborist. 12-strand polyester arborist climbing and working line manufactured to please the most aggressive traditional climber. "Forestry Pro" was originally manufactured exclusively for the Canadian logging industry. A firm 100% premium polyester construction keeps the line round for high performance. Good resistance to snagging and abrasion. 7300 lbs. tensile strength. Forestry Pro is not spliceable, but can be sewn into an eye.
Yale Cordage Blaze Climbing Rope Samson Rope Velocity Cool Rope W/ Spliced Eye
Blaze is a popular 7/16" (11mm) climbing rope that incorporates a 24-strand cover over a 16-strand core. Blaze is extremely lightweight, runs well in climbing devices, maintains flexibility and features less than 3 percent elongation at working load. The high tenacity solution dyed yarns offer the ultimate in visibility. Weighs .06 lbs./ft. Average breaking strength 5,600 lbs.

Velocity is a 11 mm (7/16" dia.) premium, lightweight arborist climbing line. Offering tree care professionals quick and easy access to tree tops from a premium tree climbing rope. Velocity has excellent knot-holding ability, works well with hardware, and is great for footlocking. Tight eye spliced on 1 end. 6,000 lbs tensile strength.

Samson Rope Velocity Climbing Rope 7/16in x 120ft Orange/Red/White Tensile 6000lb All Gear Inc. Rocket Line Climbing Rope 120 feet
Velocity Hot is a 24-strand braided polyester construction with stabilized nylon core. Premium grade climbing line designed to offer tree care professionals quick and easy access to the tree tops. 7/16" x 120'. Maintains a spliced strength of 6,000 lbs.

A 24 strand Arborist Line with Neon Yellow and Bright Red yarns! Quality engineering and construction are guaranteed by premium fibers and excellent quality control. The "Rocket Line" provides you with the ability to increase safety, and a good firm construction keeps the line round for high performance. Rocket Line is spliceable using a class 1 double braid splice.

Samson Rope Blue Streak Rope Samson Rope True Blue Climbing Rope 1/2" X 120 ft.

A durable 16 strand that offers maximum firmness for all climbing techniques. Blue Streak has a breaking strength of 6,500 lbs. and can be spliced using a class 1, 16 strand splice.

120 ft. = $110
150 ft. = $130

Samson Rope True Blue Climbing Rope 1/2" X 120 ft.

True-Blue is made from durable polyester with a Samthane finish that adds maximum wear life and consistent knot control. Distinctive blue color.1/2" x 120'. True Blue cannot be spliced, but can be sewn into an eye. True Blue has a breaking strength of 7,300 lbs.
New England Ropes Safety Blue Hi-Vee Rope 120 feet All Gear Inc. Cherry Bomb Rope 150 feet

Safety Blue's Hi-Vee ropes are tightly plied, polyester 16-strand lines that offer a smooth, snag-resistant surface. Polyolefin yarns in the core of each Hi-Vee's cover strand reduce weight and improve handling. Twisted parallel blue yarns, in a trademark blue core, allow the rope to stay firm and round while in use. The core of the Hi-Vee also acts as a warning flag, if the cover is ever cut. The tough, durable cover is treated with a protective finish that minimizes abrasion and maximizes rope life. Hi-Vee has a breaking strength of 7,000 lbs.

Cherry Bomb from All Gear is an 11.5mm climbing rope with a 24-strand polyester cover and a 16-Strand polyester core. The cabled and twisted center core makes this a popular arborist climbing line. Cherry Bomb provides you with increased safety and a firm construction which keeps the line round for high performance. Cherry Bomb is spliceable using a class 1 double braid splice.