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SpeedZone Turf Herbicide Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide
Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide
Price: $34.99

Provides exceptional broadleaf weed control - fast. In university and cooperator tests SpeedZone applications have repeatedly controlled tough weeds like clover, plantain, ground ivy and spurge with a fast-acting cool-weather response. Containing four active ingredients; Quinclorac, Sulfentrazone, 2,4-D and Dicamba. Q4 Plus offers users a versatile product to manage yellow nutsedge, and select grassy and broadleaf weeds established in turfgrass areas. Combined with the power and speed associated with the ProForm line of PBI-Gordon products, Q4 Plus provides a fast visual response with rapid decline of grassy and broadleaf weeds and a wide window of application for broadleaf weeds.
Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide 2.5 Gallon SUPER TRIMEC Broadleaf Herbicide 2.5 Gallon
Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide is the 'applicator formula' Trimec complex. Trimec 992 contains a little extra 2,4-D for the quick, visual response and lower cost required by the professional lawn care operator. Dandelion curl is almost immediate, which is just what is needed to let homeowners and other property owners know that their weeds are dying.

Trimec 992 is labeled for use in warm - and cool-season grasses including bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, St. Augustinegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, fescue and perennial ryegrass.

Spray volumes ranging from - 5 to 220 gpa - are suited to all types of spray equipment and accommodates tank mixtures containing fertilizer, iron, or PGRs. Do not apply this product to Floratam St. Augustinegrass.
Reduce call-backs and handle more customers without creating unnecessary concerns due to odor. Low-odor Super Trimec Broadleaf Herbicide means greater efficiency . . . with fewer problems.

Super Trimec was developed for the professional and provides rapid and thorough foliar absorption, making sudden rain less of a threat. Even after a freeze, Super Trimec will remain active and provide control when the weather warms up. Super Trimec enables you to start earlier in the season . . . or extend your season later than most herbicides.

Most lawn care companies and golf courses that are using Super Trimec tell us that they are using it as a broadcast treatment only once per season and then using spot treatments for hardened-off summer weeds.

The bottom line is that Super Trimec is one of the most economical herbicides on the market in terms of cost-per-acre of immaculate, weed-free turf.